Census Bureau RFP

Census Bureau RFP

The Census wants to place ad buys in areas of Arkansas with lower response rates.

You may have read that the NAB has been aggressively seeking federal advertising dollars for local radio and television stations during this very challenging times. The Census Bureau has announced $75 million in funds for possible August and September ad buys.

This is a great opportunity for all of us as local Arkansas broadcasters to submit our stations for these ad dollars. Both the NAB and ABA want to make sure that all of us in Arkansas takes this opportunity and time to pitch our local radio and television stations for these dollars.

We strongly encourage you to please see the links below for the best information on the RFP and how to submit your stations proposals.

ABA Executive Director

Luke Story



Click on the state map above to go to a live version where you can see county by county response information.

The Census Bureau wants to specifically address all the counties in shades of ORANGE.

If your station serves these areas, you are STRONGLY encouraged to respond.


General Information

If you have multiple stations with varying formats, complete an RFP for each station.

If you have one station that serves multiple audiences, complete an RFP for each target audience.

You can potentially get some of the audience measurements needed from prior census numbers if you do not subscribe to a ratings service. County population numbers can be found at this link. Many questions are related to Adults 18+. You can certainly find that number at this link.

You must complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement that is near the end of the RFP form. You won’t be able to submit your proposal without having done so.

Suggestions for Answering Specific Questions

MEDIA VENDOR: your company name

A18+ FREQUENCY: estimate your total audience if you don’t have access to ratings

CROSS CHANNEL: yes if you have multiple stations

FLIGHT DATES: indicate now through October 31

TARGET DEMO: list your station’s target demo (i.e., A18-54/Male and Female)


A18+ REACH: (go high with your answer, census data at link above might be helpful)

COMPOSITION: (go high)

SHARE OF VOICE: How much of your inventory will you sell them?

GEO TARGETING: choose “Local” or “Regional”, based on your coverage

MARKET TYPE: choose “Local” or “Regional”, based on your coverage

MARKET NAME: list all the counties you serve that are NOT blue on the map above

UNIT RATE: net rate of spot cost

COST METHOD: if you do not have access to ratings, choose CPS (cost per spot)

PRIMARY UNIT AMOUNT: number of spots you are proposing for the flight

Upload Some Documents

There is an opportunity to upload some documents to support your proposal.
Upload your coverage map(s).

Compose a letter that addresses how your station(s) is positioned to help with the following:

“Hard to Count” populations

Impoverished Areas

Hispanic Communities

Tribal Communities

Households with children under age 5

“Hand Delivery” of Census materials (letting your audience know this is underway)

“Non Response” counting (letting your audience know this process is underway)

Also, note that 18-28 year old males are considered “Hard to Count”. If this demo is a large part of your audience, you should say so.